About us

We provide handmade luxury leather products. Our Apple watch bands and Apple iPhone cases are made from high quality, full-grain, genuine leather. We strive to bring you the best products handmade with care and love. We have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for something business professional, casual day wear, fun and funky, or standing out with a fashionista statement. We got what you are looking for.

We listen to our customers. We bring what they want,  which is why we are adding new additions to our shops like our new Samsung cases and leather wallets. We are continuously improving designs and features with the feedback provided by our Customers.

Our Quality Promise

BEMFEY comes from the word “Bem feito” which in Portuguese means “ Well done.” This is exactly what you get with our products and our service.

With our company, you wear the difference! B E M F E Y means premium luxury products at a fair price. Our designs are for a timeless, minimalist design with a touch of extravagance. Our products range in styles from business, high-class elegance, casual and colorful fun.

We use high-grade, full-grain genuine leather. We do not only value good design, but also high-quality materials. Our leather products have a natural surface that is durable and overtime, ages beautifully, by developing a distinctive patina. While synthetic materials and cheap leather quickly wear out and look old, the leather used in our products still has a high-quality, classy finish, even after prolonged, intensive use. Here you will find a timeless piece you can treasure for a lifetime.