Dark Grey - Leather Apple Watch Band - Classico Series

Size Guide

Apple Watch Band Fit For Series 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 

The Dark Grey band is bold with its deep coloring and characteristics. Meshing well with any outfit and any color of the Apple Watch.

The Classico Series features a traditional-style band with enhanced padding. Stitched with linen thread providing strength and durability to your iWatch band. 

Fits all Apple Watch sizes and series. 




Fits Wrist Size - 5.75” (146mm) - 8” (203mm)


24mm Width Band
Based on a 38mm device
Sizing is from the first hole to the last hole.


How do I choose my " Device Size"?

Every Apple Watch has an engraving on the back of the case. This tells you which series of Apple Watch you're using, the case material, and the size of the case (in millimeters). To view the engraving, remove your Apple Watch from your wrist and look at the back of the case. If it says 38mm or 40mm choose "38/40mm". If it says 42mm or 44mm choose "42/44mm".

How do I find which band size best fits me?

We recommend measuring your wrist first. This is best done in millimeters. Sizing for a specific band is listed under the "Sizing" tab above. You can view how to properly size yourself as well as sizing for different bands in the "Size Guide" located on the top right of the product. Each style of the band has different sizing parameters. Make sure to check your sizing compatibility before purchase. 

Are tools required to attach the band?

No, our bands come with pre-fitted adapters in your chosen color and size. To attach your new band simply slide it into your apple watch until it is secure on the locking mechanism. 

Which color is best for my Apple Watch?

Ultimately this will come down to personal preference. However, our Rose Gold is a complimentary color to the Gold series 4 & 5 Apple watch for both Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Yellow Gold is for those who have an additional yellow gold case attached to their watch and would like to match it. 

Help with choosing my hardware color?

For this band when you choose your hardware coloring you are choosing the adapters, beads, and buckle color. If you would like different colors in different areas, please follow the outline example below and message us BEFORE ordering.

- Adapters: Silver

- Buckle: Black