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Hi, I am Ümit - the founder of BEMFEY

Bemfey CEO

I would like to shortly introduce myself.

I am a family man of passion. Spending quality time with my wife and son is more important to me than climbing the career ladder. I enjoy life as much as possible in the here and now.

I think that life is far too short not to realize your own dreams and desires.

Therefore, I like to tackle myself and work on the implementation of my visions with my team and always try to enthrone my fellow human beings and create new opportunities. That's exactly what I want to achieve with BEMFEY.

I value beautiful, simple and minimalist design and best materials.

I like to create potential from different areas of life and combine them into something beautiful that enriches the world. I am cosmopolitan through and through: Born and raised with Turkish roots in Germany, I have been living in Switzerland for many years and travel with my Brazilian wife and son over and over again to Brazil (and many other places in the world).

My professional background

After completing my master's degree in International Business, I worked for more than ten years at various major international sourcing companies - first in Germany and then in Switzerland, where I currently live with my family. Thanks to the know-how gained over the past few years, I know all the processes involved in the provision of services and marketing: I know exactly what constitutes a good product, how it is manufactured and where the best materials can be found.

The idea

The idea for BEMFEY was born when I was looking for a new protective case for my iPhone. For my daily companion, I did not want to use a shell made of cheap materials and industrial mass production that might wear off quickly, but rather rely on a product that is handcrafted using traditional craftsmanship and high quality leather. The covers of the world-famous luxury brands met my quality requirements, but seemed overly expensive: I was not willing to pay a really high price, just for the reason that a certain brand name stood on the cover. Of course I wanted excellent quality - but at a reasonable price. That's how the idea for BEMFEY was born.

I went in search of a suitable manufactory in Europe, which can fulfill my design and quality requirements. Not such an easy task, because my premise was: I did not want to sell mass-produced goods as usual from the Far East, but hand-made products from masters of your trade. I finally found what I was looking for in Turkey, a country with a centuries-long tradition in the leather trade. Since the founding of BEMFEY in 2017, I have been working exclusively with a small family-owned manufacturing company in Istanbul, which specializes in the finest accessories made of handmade leather.

High quality at fair prices

BEMFEY's motto is simple: I want to offer you high quality products without having to pay the typical "luxury brand markup". How do I do that? By delivering the products directly to you and avoiding unnecessary intermediate steps and exaggerated luxury marketing campaigns. I pass these savings directly to you - in the form of fair prices for all BEMFEY products.

The BEMFEY design

BEMFEY stands for a timeless, minimalist design with a touch of extravagance. The products combine the classic business look with carefree everyday style. They are suitable for any occasion and always give your outfit a stylish touch. Whether business lunch or business trip, family outing or dinner with friends, whether short trip to New York or beach holiday in Bali - the BEMFEY accessories are always the right companion.

Best full grain leather

I do not only value good design, but also high quality materials. That's why I only use handcrafted fullgrain leather for the BEMFEY products. The special thing about it: It has a natural surface that is durable and over time "ages beautifully" by developing a distinctive patina. While synthetic materials and cheap leather quickly wear out and look old, the leather used in BEMFEY's products still has a high-quality, classy finish, even after prolonged, intensive use.

The brand name BEMFEY

BEMFEY is a derivative and internationalized version of the Portuguese term "bem feito", which means "well done". This reflects the two aspects that define BEMFEY: the high quality and classic design of the products on the one hand, and the cosmopolitan and cosmopolitan on the other, of which I attach great importance as the founder of BEMFEY. With the BEMFEY products as a companion you should be able to feel at home anywhere in the world, to feel good and fulfilled and happy - no matter where you are.

The vision

Currently BEMFEY offers iPhone and Samsung cases as well as tapes for the Apple Watch. In the future, we will expand the product range and offer next to other fashionable leather accessories and high quality watches and sunglasses.

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